The Power of Habit – Is This the Key to Teshuva?

The Power of Habit

When I first heard the idea my reaction was very negative.

We like to think of ourselves as rational beings.

We think about what we are doing.

We weigh the options and then we act.

However, a Duke University researcher claims that more than 40% of the things you and me do each day are not rational decisions.


Why Is Chanukah 8 Days?

Menorah in Harbin Museum

Chanukah 5774

Why Is Chanukah 8 Days?

One of the interesting aspects of living in Jerusalem are the constant encounters with Jewish history.

For example, one of the Light Rail stops is Shimon HaTzadik, named after one of the High Priests.

When the train pulls into that station I often have two thoughts.


Book Review – The Sages

The Sages Vol 3

The Sages by Rabbi Binyamin Lau


After the defeat of Bar Kochba the Jewish world was in turmoil. The sages gathered in Usha in the Galilee to strengthen Torah observance.

Their work shaped the Jewish world we live in today.