The Ohr Olam Edition Mishnah Berurah – Book Review

Ohr Olam Mishnah Berurah

It’s amazing how some events are permanently written into my memory.

I was standing in the home of my friend Yitz about 20 years ago.

He had just learned that Feldheim was publishing an English translation of the Mishnah Berurah.

My jaw dropped as my yeshiva-educated friend said, “I don’t need it. The Hebrew of the Mishnah Berurah is pretty easy. But I’ll buy it anyway … and it will become a crutch for me.”


The Biblical Outlook – Book Review

Biblical Outlook

With Shavuot just around the corner, it seems like an appropriate time to review The Biblical Outlook – Topics in Jewish Philosophy by Rabbi Shlomo Polachek.

Rabbi Polachek’s goal is to explain Jewish philosophy untainted by non-Jewish sources.

He begins his book by writing (page 10):

The aim of this book is to present the philosophy of Judaism. The reason for writing it is the search for a philosophy based on clear and unequivocal Jewish sources. These sources are the Biblical books along with the halachic midrashim – the exegesis of the text relating to Jewish practice as set by the sages.