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What Parsha is it this week?

Shabbat – Parshat Shelach

Shelach is the 4th parsha in sefer Bamidbar / Numbers.

Moses sends 12 spies to report to the Jewish people about the Land of Canaan. It does not go well.

Parshat Shelach is 119 verses from Bamidbar / Numbers 13:1 – 15:41.

Here is a summary of Parshat Shelach.

Haftarah – Parshat Shelach

Joshua 2:1 – 24

Joshua is about to lead the people into the land. He decides to send spies. However, he sends only two. He gives them a very limited mission, just to go to Jericho. Also, when they return, they only report to Joshua, not to the entire people.

Candle Lighting Time for Selected Cities

This week Shabbat begins at sundown on Friday, Jun 28, 2024.

The Hebrew date is 23 Sivan 5784.


  • Jerusalem 7:09
  • Tel Aviv 7:31
  • Haifa 7:22
  • Beer Sheva 7:29

United States

  • Chicago 8:11
  • Los Angeles 7:50
  • Miami 7:58
  • New York 8:13


  • Antwerp 9:43
  • London 9:03
  • Paris 9:40
  • Warsaw 8:43
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