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Rambam and Marriage

Rambam Maimonides Stamp

This week my wife and I celebrate our 37th wedding anniversary.

I won’t claim everything has always been perfect. “And they lived happily ever after” only happens in fairy tales.

However, since we’ve reached this milestone, I think I’ve got some license to share a wedding idea with you.

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Jewish Meditation Course


It was the Shabbat after Rosh HaShana. I was at shul for mincha. And because it was a bright, sunny day most of the lower windows in the shul were open.

It was time to take out the Sefer Torah. I stood and moved towards the ark.

As I did I heard an odd noise over my left shoulder.

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Jewish Meditation at the Kotel

Har HaBayit and Kotel

“I couldn’t move”, “It was like magic” and “you must do it”, were some the responses of the ten randomly selected strangers who participated in a guided meditation intended to connect them more deeply to the Western Wall. In a seven minute video detailing the process, we can see French, Italian, American and Israeli visitors to the Western Wall sitting in a chair at the back of the Western Wall’s plaza and instructed to visualize themselves relaxing and going back in time to when the Temple was built.

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As I announced on Facebook, Thinking Torah was hacked about ten days ago.

I thought it would be worthwhile to write a few words about the whole event and my thoughts about the experience.

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