Parashat Devarim 5776


Perseid meteor shower and Rashi

Each summer around the middle of August the Earth passes through the trail of the Comet Swift-Tuttle.

This is what is called the Perseid meteor shower. In a regular year there will be about 100 meteors per hour.

Space watchers are predicting significantly more meteors this year. Why? Because the Earth will be passing through comet trails from several past years.

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Butler and Baker

sliced bread

Vayeishev 5775

This week’s parasha ends with Yosef in prison.

He’s been a model prisoner and has been put in charge of all the other prisoners.

Then Paro gets angry with his chief butler and chief baker and throws them into the same prison with Yosef.

One night the butler and baker have dreams that leave them troubled.

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