Butler and Baker

sliced bread

Vayeishev 5775

This week’s parasha ends with Yosef in prison.

He’s been a model prisoner and has been put in charge of all the other prisoners.

Then Paro gets angry with his chief butler and chief baker and throws them into the same prison with Yosef.

One night the butler and baker have dreams that leave them troubled.


Rachel and Leah

Jacob greet Rachel

Vayeitze 5775

It’s easy to detect the competition between Rachel and Leah for Yaakov’s affections in Parashat Vayeitze.

Though Yaakov married both sisters, it’s clear that Rachel was his favorite.


Toldot 5773 – Yaakov Tortures Esav

lentil stew

Esav and Yaakov were twins.

Because Esav was born a few minutes before Yaakov, he had the privileges and responsibilities of the firstborn.

Yaakov realized that Esav was not spiritually fit to fulfill his role.

Therefore, he took advantage of an opportunity to purchase the birthright from his brother.