Parashat Terumah – Puzzle

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Last week’s parasha recounted the ascent of Moshe to Har Sinai.

This week begins the commandments for building the Mishkan and its service.

God commands those people who are willing and able to participate in building the Mishkan.

They were asked to donate about 14 objects for its construction and service. I say “about” since it does depend a bit upon how you decide to group the items.

There are nine hidden words in this puzzle. Each word is the name of one of the objects the Jewish people donated for the building of the Mishkan.

Terumah Word Search Puzzle

What’s the first object you spotted?

Please share what you found in the comments.

Do It Yourself

Do you enjoy the word search puzzle?

Would you like to put one on your blog or Facebook page?

You can. I’m using a simple program. It doesn’t cost much and it’s easy to use.

I’ve now learned the program is no longer for sale. 🙁

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