Hearing and Understanding

Parashat Yitro 5772


Moshe’s first encounter with Yitro’s family was at a well. Yitro’s daughters took care of his flocks. Moshe intervened when other shepherds would not let them water their flock.

When Yitro heard what had happened, he invited Moshe to stay with them. This was good for Moshe since he was a fugitive from Paro. Moshe married Yitro’s daughter Tzipporah and they had two sons.

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Who Bowed to Who?

hearing with the ear

Parashat Yitro 5772

I am thinking of a man who I and many others consider to be a talmid chacham. I have learned from him and had the privilege for several years of having a private chevruta with him.

Yet, when I would walk over to him in the beit midrash, he would stand up to honor me!?!

Who should we honor? How should we show that honor?

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