Jewish Meditation at the Kotel

Har HaBayit and Kotel

“I couldn’t move”, “It was like magic” and “you must do it”, were some the responses of the ten randomly selected strangers who participated in a guided meditation intended to connect them more deeply to the Western Wall. In a seven minute video detailing the process, we can see French, Italian, American and Israeli visitors to the Western Wall sitting in a chair at the back of the Western Wall’s plaza and instructed to visualize themselves relaxing and going back in time to when the Temple was built.

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Thinking about Third Temple Sacrifices

sheep - sacrifices

Parashat Vayikra 5772

Earlier in the week I asked a number of questions to stimulate thinking about the difficult topic of animal sacrifices (offerings) in the Temple.

In this post I will focus on four questions:

  • Why lean on the animal’s head?
  • What is the purpose of animal sacrifices?
  • Is there Judaism without animal sacrifices?
  • Will there be animal sacrifices in the Third Temple?

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Will There be Sacrifices in the Third Temple?

sheep - sacrifices

Parashat Vayikra 5772

As we read last week, at the end of Sefer Shemot, Moshe set up the Mishkan and the glory of God filled it.

Here at the beginning of Sefer Vayikra, God calls to Moshe and tells him which sacrifices the Jewish people will be offering.

I must mention that my teacher, Rabbi Mendel Farber, often told me that we should not refer to the animal offerings as sacrifices. To sacrifice something can imply that it is lost and now without value. He contends that whatever we give to God is never lost and never loses its value.

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