Rav Wolbe Alei Shur on Learning Torah

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This morning I was learning Rav Wolbe’s classic Alei Shur.

I read a paragraph that made me stop and say to myself, “Did I understand that right?”

I re-read it.

Then I said to myself, “That’s exactly what Thinking Torah is all about!”

Here is my translation (Volume 1, page 37):

You should contemplate this, that the Creator (blessed be His name) does not want that each person should look into the Torah in the same way, or that they should learn it in the same way, or that they should understand it in the same way. Rather, each person should have their own approach according to their unique strengths and effort. Then we will, all together, earn a complete Torah!

What Rav Wolbe writes so perfectly captures what I’m trying to do that I’ve added this quote to both the Thinking Torah Manifesto and to the About page.