Parashat Mishpatim 5777

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Parashat Mishpatim Quiz

I hope you enjoy this short quiz on Mishpatim. There are several questions about the eved Ivri and other parts of the parasha.

Unless I state otherwise, assume that all of the answers are based on Rashi’s commentary.

After you take the quiz, click on the “2” button to take to the page with my answers.

Here goes:

1. This parasha begins, “When you will buy a Hebrew servant (eved Ivri) …” Who is selling this person into slavery?

a. His father

b. He’s selling himself so that he can pay his debts

c. The Sanhedrin only

d. A court

2. How many years does the eved Ivri serve?

a. 3 years

b. 6 years

c. 7 years

d. until the Shemitah year

3. The eved Ivri can choose not to go free at the end of his servitude. If he chooses this verse 21:6 says “and he shall serve him forever.” How long is forever?

a. It means literally forever, that is, until he dies.

b. Until his owner dies.

c. Until he saves enough money to buy his freedom.

d. Until the Yovel year.

4. God tells the Jewish people that He will use deadly wasps to drive out the nations. However, it will take more than 1 year. Why?

a. Wasps fly very slowly.

b. If there are too many wasps they will sting the Jews.

c. When the people are driven out the wild animals will move in.

d. Wasps aren’t able to fly during the winter.

5. The end of the parasha describes Moshe going up to Har Sinai. Who did Moshe tell the people to consult with if they had any questions?

a. Aharon and Nadav

b. Aharon and Chur

c. Nadav and Avihu

d. Yehoshua and Caleb

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