Jerusalem Light Show 2015

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The 2015 Jerusalem Light Show is happening this week.

We’ve been faithfully attending the Jerusalem Old City Light Show every year since 2012.

The show is held in June which usually guarantees warm days and a nice cool breeze in the evening.

This year we walked along the White Line and Red Line.

The White Line started at Shaar Yafo and ended at the parking lot next to the Jewish Quarter.

My favorite display along the White Line was the Lamp Shades. All of the lamp shades were decorated by children living in the Old City.

Lamp Shades in Old City Light Show

A bit further along was a very creative video display called Living Book Shelf. I enjoyed how the video created 3d effects by using light, shadow, and the architectural features of the building the video was projected on.

Unfortunately, I was so taken by the video I neglected to take a photo.

After finishing the White Line we were able to swim against the tide and make our way to Shaar Tzion for the start of the Red Line.

The Red Line was outside the wall of the Old City from Shaar Tzion to Shaar Yafo.

My favorite display along the Red Line were the Blue Circles.

Blue Circles

The Blue Circles are a group of about 100 circles of various sizes and shades on the wall of the Old City. The circles are turned on and off in various patterns.

As I mentioned before, we’ve been attending the Jerusalem Old City Light Show every year since 2012.

In 2012 there was a light dome built in the plaza outside Shaar Yafo that to me symbolizes the Jerusalem Light Show.


The Jewish people are meant to be a light to the whole world. No, the prophet did not have an electric light show in mind. But, the Jerusalem Old City Light Show is still a fun way to enjoy the Old City and see the creativity of talented artists on display.