Cleaning Up After Snow

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Today it happened.

The city cleanup crew arrived to take away the debris from the recent snow storm.

I was sitting in my study when I suddenly heard strange sounds.

I ran to the front window in time to see the skip loader scoop up a pile of broken branches.

I grabbed my camera and headed outdoors.

Like Those Tractors

I confess to still being a kid in some ways.

I love watching a skilled operator run a tractor.

But there is a real reason why I’m posting this.

The Real Reason

Do you remember last week’s post Saying Thank You?

After a lot of build up, I said that you are required to thank a person who does something good for you.

Even if that person has a self-serving motive for doing the deed. Like, for example, he’s getting paid. You must still thank him.

Well, there were two guys as part of the cleanup crew. Besides the guy driving the skip loader, he had a helper.

The helper was standing near the pile of debris.

I waved to him and shouted, “Thank you!”

He smiled the biggest smile that I’ve seen in a long time as he waved back at me.

Try it. It feels good.

Filling the bin.
Filling the bin.

Your Turn

Who did you thank this week? Please share it in the comments.

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