Bibi Brown – Hero or Goat?


I write these lines in October 2023. Not so long along Hamas terrorists attacked Israel. According to news reports, over 1400 people were murdered.

There is talk of an impending invasion of Gaza by the IDF. Once again, Bibi is Prime Minister. Once again, will he be the hero or the goat?

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Original Post

It’s a difficult time here in Israel.

Israel entered into a cease fire with Hamas Wednesday night..

As one resident of Sederot put it, “We cease and they fire.”

The newspapers are filled with headlines about how disappointed people are. Those who live in the south are certain that this cease fire will not last long.

I’ve not been very political on this blog. That’s not the purpose of Thinking Torah.

As my wife and I were riding the Jerusalem Light Rail this evening, we discussed the events of the past week.

She suggested that Bibi is a bit like Charlie Brown. He could have been a hero, but instead he’s just a goat.

That line of thinking inspired this cartoon idea.

With apologies to Charles Schultz.

Bibi and Hillary Clinton

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